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2015 HSC Results

Today I received my 2015 HSC results, which were a combination of my school achievement throughout the year and my exam mark from the October written examinations.

The results were as follows:

  • Standard English 85 Band 5
  • Advanced Maths 85 Band 5
  • Physics 80 Band 5
  • Information And Digital Technology (Networking) 95 Band 6
    • Rank of second in state
  • Software Design And Development 96 Band 6

When these results were combined I was issued an ATAR of 93.3, placing me in the top 7% of the state.

IT HSC Results

On the 5th of November I sat an HSC exam for my Information and Digital Technology. This was a year earlier then I should have sat the exam however I was accelerated through the course allowing me to sit the exam at the end of year 11 instead of year 12.

After waiting for over a month for the results they were released on the 17th of December. My HSC result was a 95 placing me in band 6. Later in the day the rankings were released where I achieved a second in state.

Attached below are the results from the board of studies.

My result from the board of studies.
My result from the board of studies.


My Rank State Wide
My Rank State Wide